The Team
About Mesa-7
MESA-7 is a Modification for Half-Life 1 coded from scratch. MESA-7 is not in anyway related with Half-Life World. But there is still a Black-Mesa in MESA-7 but its not like in Half-Life (Its just a military research Facility). MESA-7 and Black-Ops is 2 Organisations that hates each other but Black-Ops mostly hate the Military. (Warning: Spoiler!!) Black-Ops Mission is to grant power and they will in anyway destroy their enemy's. They are the most powerful Organisation that hire and recruit many Mercenaries to do the job for them.

Mesa-7 Hosted by Half-Life Creations
Nickname: GrimReaper217
Place: Voice Actor
I do the voices for the Robo Grunts And The Blackops :D
Nickname: Ninja_Nub[NOR]
Place: Voice Actor
I'm the voice actor for Frank West.
Nickname: JonnyBoy0719
Place: Team Leader, Coder, Mapper
I'm the one who bring the mod to life. I'm the only coder and mapper for MESA-7. It will also take some time to make it finished and i'm doing every thing on my spare time hehe :)
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